What Can Be Listed

List intellectual or other intangible property rights and many other rights for sale here!Dollars-300x202

  • Patents (Utility, Design, Trademark, …)
  • Copyrights (Art, Music, Remix, …)
  • General (Trust, Deed, Covenant, …)
  • Temporary (Licenses, Permits, Restrictions, …)
  • Other (Business, Personal, Real Estate, Options, Custodians, …)
  • Any intangibles to which one has a deed or legal right with proof of freely transferable ownership for any consideration may be listed here for sale, bartering or donation, in whole or in part, for $ 30 listing fee for 30-days listing duration, in 30 days increments, auto-renewed, until stopped by the seller.
  • Expired listings are removed permanently. Re-listing is considered new listing. Listing and delisting is automatic. No record is kept. No information is shared. No liability is expressed or assumed. No involvement or assistance in private transactions. No reporting, monitoring or verification here. No commissions or transaction fees.
  • Peer-to-peer deals between private or institutional parties. Simple and fully automatic. Proprietary. Protected. Listing takes a few minutes by filling out a form. No offensive text, picture or profanity, please. Violators may be banned indefinitely. Voluntary. Not moderated or policed. All transactions are final. No refunds for listing errors or other reasons. You have complete control, cancel your listing at an time using the access code.


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