About Us

Sell-Rights-Here.com is the first web portal designed specifically
for the sale of intangibles. Sell-Rights-Here.com avoids legal problems
of brokers by not becoming involved in negotiations in the deal. The
buyer and seller perform their own due diligence of their deal and
direct their own sales process.Sell-Rights-Here.com offers a free listing for the seller, who
chooses to pay 5% commission over the asking price. We also offer a
$30/30 day flat-fee-listing for the sellers that do not wish to name any
asking price.  Or if you prefer we offer a flat-fee bartering of
intangibles, including deeds for crypto-currencies.At Sell-Rights-Here the buyer pays nothing and the seller is always
in complete control.  The best thing about Sell-Rights-Here Your deal
remains confidential between seller and buyer. Our client information is
not monitored or reported or sold out to third parties, our process is
completely confidential. Our automated communication and listing process
ensures that.

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